C4 3D demo

I’ve written a neat Papervision coverflow demo

Flash is taking the live news feed from Channel 4 News and presenting it in a 3D environment. The headlines and images are extracted and cached using PHP written by Luke Fitzgerald (the C4 site is a little too slow to allow for direct extraction of images on the fly)

The 3D is written using the excellent Papervision library, it’s animated using tweener. I spent a long time looking at this kind of animation trying to figure out how it’s done, great joy when I figured it out

There are a lot of ways this could be enhanced, maybe the centred image should flip when you click it, and it would be great to import some video from the news site onto each element, perhaps if I get more time.


27/06/09 the demo page is broken, C4News have changed the code behind the pages and my text and image scraping is broken. I’ll try and fix it when I get time, or better still I’ll see if I can pesuade them to make a richer RSS feed that includes images…

3 Responses to “Papervision 3D demo”
  1. Johan Nyberg says:

    Hi, is it possible that you could share the code for this excellent coverflow clone? I would really need this for a project, and I’m a newbie at Papervision.

  2. Hi Johan,

    I think I could let you have the code, I’d need to opensource it first I guess. Would you still be interested?


  3. Mike says:

    No SRC view? BAHHHHhhhhh! Thanks for nothing

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